Privacy Policy : A centre for free education to the underpriviledged and deprived children wants to make it user friendly experience, satisfying and safe. Our information policies allow individuals to choose what information they want to get from us. Our objective is to make you aware about our social activities and give you a means to voice any questions or concerns you may have.

Information Collected

Technical and routing information about the visitor’s computer is collected when he/she visits For example, the IP address of the visitors originating Internet Service Provider may be recorded, to ensure the best possible service and use the Visitors IP address to track his/her use of the site. also records the browser, operating system, page visited to determine the nature of the users.

Information sharing does not sell the visitor’s email address or other identifying information to third parties but can send affiliates promotional emails to you by servers. may provide to others the aggregate statistics about activities taking place on its site or related site activity for purposes of promotion.

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