“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” is the name of a demand from the side of the poor, utterly neglected and deprived children who want to study like other fortunate children. They are demanding their rights ‘teaching’ from us. By the means of this movement, we do not want to make the declaration that all the people of our vast country will be made educated through the program “HAMEIN BHI PADHAO”.

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” wants to work only for one purpose and that is to make the deprived children literate and able to earn something by being self-employed. Side-by-side, we want to train their parents to lead a healthy life by shunning bad habits.

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” a scheme for spreading the light of education, is not any program as such. It is virtually a thought revolution. Secondly, this thought-revolution is not any movement for that matter rather it is an honest effort which aims at relating a man to the other by breaking open the feelings of inferiority complex to one another and then infusing into each and every man and woman a healthy ideology and self respect.

Each and every citizen of our country has the moral right to education and health. Until and unless, all the people get vigilant towards their rights, neither individual progress is possible nor society as a whole can make progress. Every state or nation has got it, as it’s first and foremost duty to educate its citizens and motivate them to lead a healthy life. Several projects and plans were made and implemented for spreading education among the masses, but due to the lack of awareness among the people, all these schemes and plans kept on being failures and our society remained where it was.

The society remained unaware because its constituents, the individuals, were unconscious because imposed upon plans can never arouse one’s conscience. We could not create the necessary inclination in the mind of people towards the education and health, which is an essential condition for the upliftment of the downtrodden class of the society. As a consequence, all these schemes could reach the masses and got rejected. Perhaps we kept on committing certain mistakes in the implementation of these educational schemes, which even we could not perceive. Other wise, it is quite astonishing to know that common people do not have inclination towards education and health. We never pondered over this mistake of ours till now, resulting into the widening gulf between the respective classes of the society. We stood on the pinnacle of individual success turning our backs against the teeming millions.

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” program is a part of the scheme aiming at spreading the light of education among the deprived people of our society. We are taking the torch of education to the children who are regarded as untouchable, extremely backward and utterly ignored. We are taking this revolution to the doorstep of the children who are cursed to spend their childhood days in virtually hellish conditions, highly unhealthy and unhygienic. They might not have even heard to word ‘education’ or ‘health’. We do know that of the children who do not get square meals a day, it is quite meaningless to talk about education. But unless and until they get educated, how can they manage to get their bread. If at all, these educated children do not get a job, even then, they will be able to spend their life like good citizens.

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” does not claim to educate each and every child living in our country, but if we were able to make even five or ten children, true human beings this would not be a lesser achievement for us. Till now, we have established number of Centres where children coming from the depressed section of the society only have been accommodated. Our teachers, going to these localities, meet the parents of these utterly deprived children and train them how to keep their home and surroundings neat and clean. They also teach them how to keep their children tidy. They teach their children remaining at that very locality. These Centres have, till now accommodated more than 1550 children. Apart from general education, children under this program, are imparted the training in the arts and crafts like Handicrafts, Paintings, Sculpture, Music, Dance and several other cottage industries. The most important thing is this that some of the boys and girls do join small trades having got the relevant kind of knowledge about that very craft from the teachers and some students who are interested in further education are facilitated to get free education to a relevant standard in any of our institutions.

The children covered by the “HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” program study and play on the campus of the Foundation Schools when the latter remain closed for vacations or holidays. They can learn computer skills, too during vacations etc. Along with this, the poor but promising students of these Centres must be imparted free education by the concerned local school. This may held such students complete their further education. At the same time, students interested in Music, Painting, Sports etc. is also encouraged it is quite possible that one or two lotus flowers bloom out of mud also.

May God help us to reach “HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” Centres out in the midst of more and more people! Rest! Do not know.