Operations (Mode of Action)

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” - educational program is initially targeted to spread among 50 students selected by us from among the inhabitants of a particular slum area. Each center shall have a maximum number of 50 students and likely selected and enrolled students will be supplied free school uniforms, free books, slates and pencil.

There shall be regular classes between 2 pm to 4 p.m. Special training programs will be organized for the Parents/Guardians of the selected students with us. Between 9 am to 5 pm the erstwhile students shall be given awareness program on health and hygiene.

On every Sunday, there shall be provision for sight seeing, study tours and out door games. Music, dance and other cultural programs will be taught regularly along with training on handicraft and vocational courses at the center.

There is cultural wing, which helps the students and teaches them Music, Dance and other cultural programs.

The economic empowerment wing gives technical training on handicrafts and vocational couriers at the center.