Promotion of education

In spite of our country India having an age old legacy left behind with us in respect of tradition, values, liberty and equality of opportunities and a host of many other promising socio cultural depictions, still there are a few question posed here and stood as impediment to the majority of population.

If we ask ourselves:

      Why are there epidemics killing people even after the Govt. machinery is put into service?
      Why are there dreaded diseases like AIDS, fast growing even after Emptying Govt. exchequer?
      Why is there population explosion in India, even if birth control devices are being made available to the people everywhere?
      Why are there excesses over woman, prostitution, child abuse and child labour in spite of statutory provisions to nab the culprits?
      Why is there juvenile adolescence?

Each of these questions has got a simple answer-the lack of proper awareness among the people. Neither globalization nor budgetary provisions can help solve the problem but education.

Our present system of education given to the people either through Govt. departments or through private agencies has virtually failed to make it accessible to the majority of population.

Amongst the Indian population, 80% of them are under privileged, illiterate, downtrodden and living below the poverty line. The remaining 20% who are the affluent, privileged ones, alone may find favour with the present system of education.

In the wake of prevailing circumstances, even it may be a drop in the ocean, Acharyashree Sudarshan has braved to eliminate social vies, particularly among people living in slums, through a compact educational program of free education to the children.

In the beginning, nearly 25 centres were opened in the slum areas of the state of Bihar. These centers help to create necessary awareness and meet the supply of essential requirements to the inhabitations of the slum area covered through appointed teachers and program officials. Having seen the desirous pupils in the slums, more “HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” centres would be opened in the state and decisions are also taken to establish maximum number of centers in all states of the country.

No one ever dares to see and visit such pupils in the slums because of the precarious conditions of living existing among such magnitude of population. If we ever endeavor to visit a slum, then only we can visualize their plight.

We are privileged ones; we don’t know how people will live under a small plastic kholi with a hunch of family.

Poverty, diseases, large size of the family, lack of space, deteriorating and dilapidated huts, it is something painful to guess about. How will children get educated from among this section of people? Unless we do the needful, we have no right to blame the deco its and transmitters of dreaded diseases. What will be the future of these children living there & witnessing all barbarous way of living? Is it true that they are now groping in darkness; we have to light the candle of knowledge, awareness and motivation to help them shape their destiny, provided that there would not be any anti-social youth when they grow up even in slums.