Why Hamein Bhi Padhao?

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE), which was passed by the Indian parliament on 4 August 2009, describes the modalities...

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Aims & Objectives

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” is truly a literacy program based upon the concept of educating desirous section of the socially and economically backward community children living...

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Promotion of Education

In spite of our country India having an age old legacy left behind with us in respect of tradition, values, liberty and equality of opportunities and a host of many other promising...

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Child Right

Each and every citizen of our country has the moral right to education and health. Until and unless, all the people get vigilant towards their rights, neither individual progress is possible...

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Man Behind the Mission : Dr. Coomar Arunodaya

Dr. Coomar Arunodaya is a social activist and director of “Hamein Bhi Padhao”. It was some twenty years ago when Arunodaya was just a school kid, that this idea got in his mind. Studying in ‘Netarhat’ he found that the surrounding area of the school had nothing

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Current News

8 December 2016
welcome to hameinbhi padhao

Welcome to Hamein Bhi Padhao

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” is the name of a demand from the side of the poor, utterly neglected and deprived children who want to study like other fortunate children. They are demanding their rights ‘teaching’ from us. By the means of this movement, we do not want to make the declaration that all the people of our vast country will be made educated through the program “HAMEIN BHI PADHAO”.

“HAMEIN BHI PADHAO” wants to work only for one purpose and that is to make the deprived children literate and able to earn something by being self-employed. Side-by-side, we want to train their parents to lead a healthy life by shunning bad habits. View More